Which parents have not already experienced it: The “little one” is finally “out of diapers”, wants to go the toilet independently and then this: the belt can not be opened quickly enough by the small child’s hands.

For me this was incentive enough, to develop the “belt without a buckle”. I fared like countless parents before me.

My daughter, grown tall & slim, had to wear a belt to keep her trousers up. But, undoing the buckle, presented an obstacle for the then two year old. For that reason, I developed “Clip.Ho”, the first belt without a buckle.

Operating it is actually quite simple: The two belt-ends are wrapped around the belt loops of trousers in front of the stomach and connected by a snap-fastener. The stomach area remains free. Because “Clip.Ho” consists of rubber cloth and therefore is elastic, it adapts to the body shape of the child.

Trousers can be opened and pulled down easily without troublesome unbuckling of a belt. That is why materials were carefully selected.

The buttons of Clip.Ho are certainly copper-free. The belt is patented and the name Clip.Ho is legally protected. The original is easily recognizable by the red pressure button.

We wish you much fun with your “new” happiness!